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Personal Aura Imaging

Personal Aura Imaging- Trinidad

Analyze Your Chakras and Your Personal Aura Colors

Angelic Reiki

Have you ever wondered what your personal aura looks like? Would you like a tangible readout of how a healing session has changed your aura or balanced your chakras? Then you should consider getting Personal Aura Imaging!

Everyone has an aura! It is the electromagnetic energy field that radiates from all matter. Human auras can expand more than six inches out from the body and their images can be captured by special cameras using biofeedback probes to record this colorful energy field.

Did You Know?
  • Personal Aura Images can be very accurate in explaining personality traits based on aura colors
  • These Photos can identify behavioural patterns, inherent talents and abilities
  • They can also reflect your physical and emotional state

Aura Imaging not only shows the colors of your aura, but also displays your chakras and their colors and sizes.

I often have my clients take an aura picture before a healing session. These Photos can:

  • Help us see blockages in their aura
  • Can show lowered energy levels and areas of concern
  • Can show the positive effects of a healing session

After the healing session is complete, we take another Aura Image and it can be quite remarkable to see the changes that have taken place!

Choose Your Personal Aura Imaging Report

I am excited to offer a variety of Personal Aura Images and Chakra Reports. You can choose from Aura Photo Head Shots; Aura Chakra Images; or Aura Chakra Photos with Live Biodata Graphs. All Aura Images include a Personal Aura Color Interpretation and Chakra Analysis.

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See how Aura Imaging reflects your True Self! For more information, contact me now.