Celestial Illumination

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"I have always believed that persons with whom you cross paths with are there for a reason. At a time in my life where I was questioning who I was and my purpose, the Universe led me to Daniele. We realised that there was a soul connection as though we had know each other before. Through her guidance I have gained clarity, learned to open my spirit and connect with my higher self. As I continue my journey, I am blessed to have Daniele guiding me as I achieve and maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit. Daniele, in my opinion, you and your extraordinary Mother are living angels, blessings to you both and your beautiful family!!!"
— Jaya
"Daniele's energy work was really deep and precise, and it helped me to release some long standing issues and blocks that I had had trouble uprooting despite my clear awareness of them. After the first session, I felt a profound shift and opening up for several days. Old thought patterns began to soften and move out, and although it was intense, I was able to navigate through it to another level of consciousness. It was a great help to me on my path."
— Christiane
"I would like to write that after having my first ever Reiki session with you that my mind and body felt completely at peace! I was both apprehensive and curious about experiencing this method of energy/ healing therapy but at the end I was amazed at how I felt and how you managed to completely relax me. I experienced a warmth all over my body . . . I guess that must have been your healing touches! It was like having an outer body experience! At the end of my session I was astounded to see how my Chakra colours had changed from before to after. It depicted exactly how I felt with myself at the end.
The Akashic and Angel readings were also so very enlightning. The readings gave me a better understanding of myself and my relationship to others in my life and how life events in my past have effected me in becomimg the person that I am now.
Thank You for such an enjoyable experience. I will surely be back again!"
— Caroline
"Initially, I visited Daniele with a certain natural measure of skepticism and apprehension. However, these phobias were quickly dispelled from the moment that she started to patiently explain the entire process — the root problems that nurtured an aura of ill-health, specific identification of health issues needing attention, the methodologies employed in combating such issues, and techniques employed in repairing and reversing poor health.
New insights were gained, as Daniele explained the definition of chakras and highlighted the chakras that needed to be opened. Her twenty-five page print-out of a detailed chakra analysis was insightful and educational. It gave me a much better understanding of myself and my abilities and strengths, and it suggested the areas that I needed to work upon in order to improve my overall well-being.
The sessions that Daniele held with me were incomparably relaxing, and created the optimum mood for healing and re-alignment of thought processes, as stress levels fall rapidly.
Daniele's feedback was spot on, and unquestionably accurate in all regards. It was very obvious that she always made a personal effort in ensuring that clients always received positive outcomes, and instilled in them fresh hope for better health.
I would hasten to encourage family, friends and the public at large to visit Daniele for personalized, customized and guided help towards health recovery."
— Selwyn
"I come from a spiritual background. I am a praying person. My personal experiences, work, as well as yoga, has taken me to other facets of spirituality. For example, I knew of angels, I generally believed in their existence, and I have had first-hand experience with their loving power. Recently, through my meetings with Daniele, she put names and faces to these angels I generally knew about; she explained how certain angels are here to guide me throughout my life, with ANYTHING. Daniele has shared, taught, and assisted in opening my spiritual doors wider. I'm sure you have heard people say something to the effect of, 'We humans are not all that exists.' I call 'others' who exist as "invisible angel-healers/-helpers/-guides." Daniele is one of those angels but she is not invisible! It is comforting to know that she is a phone call away in times when I crave assistance in releasing tight energy in my body and soul. Daniele is naturally loving, which is complimented with her confident yet gentle presence and vast background in the Angelic Healing Therapy, and Reiki Modalities, only to name a few. What is also very reassuring, is that I believe this is her Life Calling. Hence, when she is working with me, I feel that her every intention comes from a pure and caring place. Thus, I trust in Daniele and her work, and in turn, I feel uplifted and light after leaving the sessions."
— In gratitude, love & light, Sareeta